Sources of Whiplash Pain

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It is important to determine the sources of whiplash pain to address this issue better and obtain permanent results after treatment. Read along to discover more about this condition, causes, and a natural form of treatment that can provide optimum relief without side effects.

What is Whiplash?

The neck is a delicate part of the body that may be seriously harmed due to situations resulting to hyperextension injuries including vehicular accidents. Because of a series of injuries directed in this body part, sudden distortion may arise. Some ligaments, tendons and muscles may be torn as the head goes through an instant movement once there is an accelerated amount of force triggers such motion. The impact to the head and neck can also be sideways, which is just as dangerous and may lead to serious injuries.

Causes of Whiplash

Primarily, this type of injury occurs once the head moves quickly away from the body, which is caused by a powerful jerk or blow to it. As a result, the neck moves too fast from its typical range of movement, and this causes the tendons, muscles and ligaments to be overstretched. Even slow-speed type of collision can lead to whiplash injury. Other possible sources of this injury include cycling accidents, a terrible fall that causes the head to jerk backwards too quickly, being struck on the head due to contact sports, and automobile accidents.

Whiplash Injury Symptoms

There are several symptoms that people undergo because of whiplash injury. These include muscle spasms, pain, stiffness and shoulder pain. The neck may also be difficult and impossible to move temporarily, thus limiting a person’s range of motion and movement. However, the injury may take about 12 to 24 hours to form after the accident. Then, the stiffness and pain tend to become worse each day. This is why it is important to have this condition addressed properly to prevent it from worsening while promoting a positive outlook and faster recovery.

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