Madras Oregon

Once called “The Basin” due to its location in a circular valley in Jefferson County and now named after the colorful Madras cotton cloth, the city of Madras is a hidden scenic paradise in Oregon. Tourists flock to this city to enjoy the quiet and pristine environment while still having all the modern conveniences of the large metropolises. With a population of 6,046 residents, it’s a place where every neighbor knows each other with a wave and a pleasant chat, yet tourists don’t feel left out when they come for a visit.

Many local attractions dot the city of Madras based on your particular outdoor interests. You can get away from the city life and enjoy a leisurely boat ride, rafting, fishing or water skiing along the lazy clear waters of the lakes and reservoir. If you are the type of person who loves a more stable footing during their outdoor activities, there are plenty of other things to do in Madras that include golfing, rockhounding, and hiking along the trails. Or you can stay inside the city and find plenty of activities and events to enjoy such as taking a swim at the aquatics center, going bowling, watching a movie at the theater, or walking through the Saturday market.

The city of Madras Oregon is a very diverse and close-knit community, showing tons of humanity and warmth toward their fellow neighbors as it is the ideal community to play, work and live. While it revels in its quite location with scenic backdrops, there is still vibrant life among the streets and its people. You will never find a dull moment whether you are doing business there or just on a vacation in Jefferson County. So if you are looking for a place to enjoy a simple life, then Madras is certainly a city you have to see and experience. You will not be disappointed by any aspect of this Oregon basin city that has so much to offer.