Redmond Oregon

At the heart of Central Oregon lies the city of Redmond located in the high desert on the eastern side of the Cascade Mountains. Redmond is one of the fastest growing cities in Oregon. Businesses have been coming to the city due to its location as the “Hub of Central Oregon,” due to its population growth of 26,215 residents, and because of its beautiful weather of sunny warm days and cool nights that are the best found throughout Central Oregon.

Visitors flock to such a city to see its bustling city life while still being out in the scenic wilderness where people can enjoy tons of outdoor activities. Outdoor adventurers travel here during every season to enjoy fishing, mountain biking, white water rafting, skiing, hiking, horseback riding, camping or a simple round of rousing golf. The range of activities in Redmond is truly amazing, as people can go scuba diving one day and then go on lava tube tours in the Redmond caves the next. The number of ranches and resorts located in Redmond guarantees that a person can find something to do there.

Redmond, Oregon has become a very appealing place to do business. As the fastest growing city in Oregon, every type of business is finding the opportunity to set up shop in the revitalized downtown area that promotes community involvement. There’s a type of undercurrent of energy flowing along the streets as people eagerly visit the shops and restaurants to have a fun shopping experience every day. Young professionals, families and baby boomers all have found a place within the city of Redmond, promoting its economy and making the city a major competitor to other cities in the region.

Come to the city of Redmond to see for yourself why it is called the Hub of Central Oregon. With its abundance of tourist attractions, everyday events for residents, and bustling business life, you will certainly find your own place within this community.

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