Back Pain

Chiropractors treat disorders of the nervous and musculoskeletal systems, which can cause back pain, through non-surgical therapies. One reason many people visit a Chiropractor is to find pain relief from the onset of an acute injury or more stubborn chronic back pain due to an old injury that didn’t receive adequate care. Chiropractic treatment often includes osseous manipulation to restore proper movement in all the joints in addition to treatments focused on eliminating muscle imbalances, tension, and spasms. The ultimate goal in Chiropractic treatment is to eliminate pain by improving range of motion in the joint spaces to reduce irritation of local nerves and muscles; therefore bringing the person into optimal alignment.back_pain_redmond_oregon

To assist in the treatment of back pain, Dr. Sorensen utilizes complementary techniques in addition to joint manipulation. These additional services include therapeutic ultrasound, spinal traction, electric muscle stimulation, exercises, physical therapy, and the use of ergonomic equipment. By incorporating appropriate therapies, a patient’s results can be optimized.

As you can see, Chiropractors can improve the patient’s back pain through the use of non –invasive, evidence-based, therapies to achieve long-lasting results. So if you are experiencing back pain, try coming in for a consultation.