How a Chiropractor can Help You with Pain in Your Extremities

Do you have pain in your feet, hands or legs and want to find ways to alleviate the pain? A chiropractor may be the answer. Various influences cause pain in these extremities, such as the spine compressing the nerves to repetitive strain syndrome. These issues can be addressed by manipulating the body in a therapeutic manner, ones that an experienced chiropractor is trained in.

Sometimes it so happens that the spine compresses and impinges on the major nerve branches that power the extremities. The direct result of this is shooting pain in the legs and arms that is unpredictable. It happens due to the fact that various stresses on the body cause the spinal column to push down upon itself, narrowing the space between each vertebrae. The nerves exit through these spaces and don’t care too much for being squeezed. Sensations range from a mild tingling all the way to strong shocks of pain.

Spinal compression is something that happens to just about everyone to one degree or another. It comes about from going about the activities of daily life or a one-time incident with heavy lifting. The good thing is that this is not a permanent condition and can be treated by a chiropractor. The chiropractor performs adjustments to the body that alleviate the compression between the vertebrae. In turn, the pressure comes off the nerves, restoring pain free operation of the limbs.

Other aspects of life can cause issues such as carpal tunnel or repetitive strain injury (RSI). Again, a chiropractor can provide assistance with these issues. Careful manipulation of the wrist and hand can restore functionality to the hands and alleviate the pain. Taking this route avoids the need for surgery and a lengthy healing process.
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